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Calendar Default = Birthdays & Anniversaries

Gary & Mic McFall
Good morning.  Ever since upgrading to FC4, I've had a small problem w/
Evolution (2.2.3).  With the last version of Evo, I could just select
"new" and then enter a description, etc., to establish a new event.  Now
I must change the Calendar: from the default "Birthdays & Anniversaries"
to "Personal".  All fields are grayed out in "Birthdays &

I've done my best w/ googling for an answer, but have had no luck.  I've
attached a screenshot showing the default event window.  I'm not sure if
it's related, but please note that "Birthdays & Anniversaries" is always
highlighted in the upper left corner of the screen when in the calendar

I've tried googling for an answer, but have had no luck.  Any ideas
about what's going on?  How do I change the default for a new event to
"Personal", avoiding the need to manually select that option when
establishing new events?

Thanks in advance for your help . . .


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