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Error while Filtering Folder

Santiago Serebrinsky

When I try to apply my filters on a selection of mails in my INBOX,
sometimes I get the message

"Error while Filtering Folder
No provider available for protocol 'email'."

and some of the emails are actually filtered after that, and some are
not. I cannot tell what is the rule for getting the message.

I guess that it's because I didn't backup my evolution correctly. I was
using Fedora Core 3. I have backed up my ~/.evolution (complete) to
another PC, installed FC4 (with reformatting), and recovered
my .evolution before launching it for the first time. My email accounts
were not configured (it looked strange to me, as I thought ~/.evolution
would contain everything), and I started getting the error message.

I guess I should probably use gconftool-2 also.

Is there anyone who can help with:

1- Fixing the problem,
2- Telling me how should I backup and restore my evolution in such a way
that I get exactly the same after that?


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