[Evolution-hackers] Getting a new dictionary after installing Evolution.

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[Evolution-hackers] Getting a new dictionary after installing Evolution.

Steven Rostedt
Hi,  After installing Evolution on a new machine, I realized that I
didn't add a German dictionary to use with spell check.  I'm running
Debian/unstable, and I had gnome-spell, aspell, aspell-de, and all the
others installed but the list of dictionaries would not show up in
Evolution (under Edit->Preferences=>Composer Preferences->Spell

It states under the list of available dictionaries: "The list of
languages here reflects only the languages for which you have a
dictionary installed".

Well, I had English installed before I installed evolution (and that
showed up), but after installing German it would not show up.  So I
finally did a strace on evolution to see what it was doing.  I noticed
that it did a stat of /usr/lib/aspell but nothing more (must be cached).
So I moved /usr/lib/aspell to /usr/lib/xaspell, and started evolution
again.  Went to the spell check and saw that, as expected, no
dictionaries were available.  I then got back out of evolution,
moved /usr/lib/xaspell back to /usr/lib/aspell, restarted evolution, and
wah-lah, I had not only my English dictionaries there, I also had my
German ones too!

I'm posting this for two reasons.

1) maybe others with the same problem can use this solution to fix it.
2) maybe the developers of Evolution will not just
cache /usr/lib/aspell, but actually see if any new dictionaries are

(I also posted to both evolution-list and evolution-hackers so that the
above two reasons will better be satisfied.)

I'm not on the list so please CC me for any comments.


-- Steve

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