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FREEBUSY capabilities

Дилян Палаузов

How does Evolution handle exactly the FREEBUSY information in 3.28.2
exactly work?

l.en does not say anything about where the freebusy parameter requests
are defined, is
ead%20URL.pdf followed, as Cyrus IMAP does when exposing
https://server/freebusy/user/xyz ?

ml.en says that Calendar and Free/Busy information can be published by
the 'Publishing Information' window.

Is the "Default Free/Busy Server" in Evolution Preferences > Publishing
Information > Template used only for dowanloading data, or only for
publishing by the current user, as the tab title suggests, or for both
downloading and uploading?

3) Does "In corporate environments you can publish Calendar and
Free/Busy information to an Exchange or Groupwise server" from https:// mean,
that the whole calender with all events is published to
Exchange/Groupware, or does it mean that the individual events are
uploaded (over CalDav) to a Groupware server and the server calculates
from the VEVENT the free-busy information?

4) Does Evolution utilize somehow the VAVAILABILITY components?

5) Imagine a user has a calendar available at
v/calendars/user/milan.crha/Default and a freebusy url at https://mail. .

Does Evolution consider the busy times if only the calender URL is
entered in the contact (the vCard has no FBURL, but a CALURL)?

6) Any ideas why on my system Evolution/EDS works with CalDav+Carddav
on , but when I enter as FREEBUSY URL on a
contact the URL and go
to New Meeting > Schedule tab, add a contact with the FBURL above, the
console, where Evolution is started, shows the warning "Operation not
supported", coming from src/calenendar/gui/e-meetings-
file = g_file_for_url ("
g_file_read(file, NULL, &error); -> by now error->message is "Operation
not supported"?

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