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Andre Klapper
i guess this was intended to be sent to the list... :-)


Hi Guys,

I found a debian utility called readpst which converts unencrypted
Outlook PST files to mbox format.  I managed to compile it on my SuSE
machine and it works pretty well converting about %99+ of mail
properly.  I then wrote a perl script that moves the extracted mbox
directory tree into the Evolution type of heirarchy (using subfolders
dirs) from the extracted mboxes.  It was a bit tricky to get the
recursion algorithm right.  I also had to copy a few empty Evolution
index files into each of the directories containing an mbox for it to
work.  Anyway, it works pretty well. For other Oulook content such as
calendars the Outport program seems to work OK.


> hi mike,
> On Tue, 2005-08-30 at 04:41 -0700, MJang wrote:
> > The link as I provided and have read suggests that I use Mozilla Mail
> > for Windows to enable conversion of local data.
> >
> > Is Novell really relying on Mozilla tools to convert data?
> yes.
> > Is there no tool in the works from Novell?
> apparently and currently: no, there isn't.
> cheers,
> andre

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