LDAP schema for Contacts?

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LDAP schema for Contacts?

I've been setting up a read/write Contacts LDAP database for Evolution
2.2.3 and have some successes.  A couple of things are outstanding:

*  Some fields on the Contact Editor aren't editable, such as
   "Wants to receive HTML mail", "Instant Messaging", and all
   "Web Addresses" (except Home Page).

*  Contact Lists aren't editable.

I'm using the evolutionPerson schema found at

<a href="http://www.linuxchange.com/download/Mandrake%20Official%">http://www.linuxchange.com/download/Mandrake%20Official%

but there is no indication of revision#.  Is there a canonical version
of this schema that includes the fields above and contact lists?  And,
if not, what would be involved to modify the schema to include these


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