Problem retrieving Exchange mail with Evolution-ews

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Problem retrieving Exchange mail with Evolution-ews

Ivory, William



I’m having problems getting Evolution (v3.12.9) with Evolution-ews working in Debian 8.  Colleagues have apparently identical settings and can access mail fine, but it’s just not working for me.  I see the email account showing up in the LH pane, but no list of folders underneath (and no triangle to expand the list either).


I’ve been through the ‘reboot evolution to get it to show the new Exchange account’ hack, and I’ve also looked in the .config/evolution/sources directory for ‘Email=’ and this is seemingly set correctly.  The only ‘clue’ I have is that if I try to send an email from the account, I get the following error:


-          The reported error was ‘Exchange server cannot send message as ‘<my email>’, when the account was configured for address ‘NULL’


Can anyone shed any light on this?  I have another email account (IMAP) set up and working fine.





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