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Re: Importing my certificate in Evolution

Franck Routier

thank you for your tip, it worked for me. In fact, the password
Evloution was keeping asking me is the password use to secure the
"wallet" where the certificates are stored.

So now I have imported my certificate... Thanks again.

Another question :
I now want to use this certificate MD5 fingerprint to authenticate
against my smtp server (using TLS).
Port for this service is 20025. So here is what I have in my evolution
mail acount :

Sending Email :
server type : SMTP
Server configuration
Server :
server requires authentication
Use secure connection : Whenever possible
Authentication : DIGEST-MD5
user name : [hidden email]

My user name is also the CN of my certificate, imported as 'My certificates'

Does this seem correct ?
Is there a way to trace the

Bartłomiej Ochman a écrit :

>I've had the same problem with importing .p12 private key to use it
>with S/MIME. Removing .evolution/key3.db file solved my problem,
>I think it was initialized to some strange factory default by some
>previous installation.
>HTH, Regards,

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