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Re: Phishing from bogus ebay and paypal ?

Don Doumakes
William Case <[hidden email]> wrote:
> Hi, looking for suggestions;
> I get 'phishing' emails purportedly from ebay and paypal two and three
> times a day.  Occasionally I legitimately purchase something using these
> accounts, and therefore occasionally they send non-bogus transaction
> emails.
> Any suggestions on how I can set up a filter that catches the bogus
> emails?

Installing an antivirus product isn't the right solution, because
phishing emails aren't hostile code.  Phishing is a social engineering

One mitigating tactic is viewing all your email in plain text by
default.  If they can't disguise their links or present familiar images,
you've removed a couple layers of deception right there.

Ultimately the problem is upstream of your mail client.  You should
approach your email server admin about using aggressive anti-spam
blocking lists, e.g. SPEWS.  That will greatly reduce the load of
incoming spam of all types, including the phishing spams, typically from
open proxies and otherwise compromised Windows machines.  As a side
benefit, everyone else who uses your mail server would have their spam
reduced as well.

Don Doumakes

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